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Your Medical Treatment Questions Answered

After a work injury, understanding your rights regarding medical treatment is crucial. The lawyer at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is here to help. He has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the workers’ comp process in both Tennessee and Florida. With a deep commitment to helping injured workers, attorney Kevin A. Moore is ready to answer your medical treatment questions. Below are answers to some of the most common questions he receives.

What medical treatment is covered by workers’ comp?

In both Tennessee and Florida, workers’ compensation covers medical treatment for work-related injuries. This includes any treatment your doctor considers medically necessary to address such injuries.

For how long will treatment be covered?

Generally, your medical bills are covered for as long as the treatment is necessary. In Florida, be aware that, after reaching the point where further improvement is no longer likely, you may have a $10 copay per visit.

Are travel expenses related to medical treatment covered?

In Tennessee and Florida, workers’ compensation typically covers expenses for traveling to get medical treatment. Tennessee does have the caveat that your travel must be over 15 miles one way to qualify.

Can I pick my treating doctor?

The answer varies by state. In Florida, you do not get to choose your doctor. Rather, your employer’s insurer typically does this, but you can request a one-time change. In Tennessee, your employer gives you a list of three doctors to choose from.

What if I go to a different doctor?

In both states, if you see a doctor other than the selected treating physician, workers’ compensation generally won’t cover it.

What if I run into problems getting medical treatment?

If you’re denied medical treatment or encounter other roadblocks, it can be wise to reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer promptly. Kevin is here to help you understand your options and advocate for the treatment you deserve. You won’t have to pay anything upfront to get him in your corner; he’ll only charge you fees if he gets you benefits.

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