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Case Results

Here are real examples of settlements and awards that Attorney Kevin Moore has secured for his Florida workers’ compensation clients.


Client 1 – Case value $1,600,000

Our client suffered a catastrophic head injury due to a severe roofing accident. Kevin Moore fought the insurance company and won to ensure our client was in the proper facility specializing in head trauma. He obtained lifetime Permanent Total Disability payments and around the clock attendant care.

Client 2 – Settlement $1,450,000

Our client had a catastrophic head injury after a pipe on a construction site fell and hit him on the head. The family of the client realized immediately they needed someone to help them through this very difficult time. Kevin Moore fought to get all the proper care for our client, including around the clock nurses and a specialized hospital to ensure his recovery and ability to live a productive life. Client accepted a structured settlement worth over $1,450,000.00.

Client 3 – Claim Value $1,000,000

Our client was a very successful accountant who suffered a fall in the course of her job. This case was denied until Kevin Moore fought the insurance company. They accepted responsibility and began providing medical care and lost wages to our client. Kevin got expensive and needed home modifications for our client that was paid for by the insurance company. He also obtained attendant care to care for her needs, won Social Security Disability award on her behalf, and secured Permanent Total Disability for her. Our client eventually, after making a significant recovery, accepted a generous settlement.

Client 4 – Value over $800,000

Our client suffered a ventral hernia that was completely denied by the insurance company. Kevin Moore went to trial that led to the award of hernia surgery. Unfortunately our client need much more additional medical treatment which Kevin ensured the insurance company provide. Our team secured lifetime Permanent Total Disability payments for our client.

Client 5 – Claim Value $800,000

This claim was completely denied by the insurance company, as many are. Kevin Moore fought the insurance company and was successful in obtaining lifetime payments of Permanent Total Disability after the insurance company denied the toxic exposure in the workplace. Our client eventually accepted a generous settlement.

Client 6 – Case Value of over $1,000,000

A beam fell on our client who worked at a manufacturing plant hitting him on the head and on the back rendering him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Kevin Moore fought the insurance company and the insurance company had to buy our client a new home valued at over $120,000.00 that allowed wheelchair accessibility. Kevin Moore also was successful in getting the client Permanent Total Disability benefits for the rest of his life, plus attendant care to help his wife provide the needed care. The case is still moving forward with Kevin Moore at our client’s side to ensure he gets every benefit to which he is entitled to.

The following are summaries of very recent case histories

Value Cause
$175,000 Settlement based upon severe low back injury
$750,000 Lifetime permanent total disability benefits; 24 hour a day attendant care; a new home to be handicapped accessible
$260,000 Awarded permanent total disability and collected for 14 years along with substantial medical care
$400,000 Low back injury and surgery; PTD benefits
$250,000 Neck surgery; obtained disability benefits from Social Security and workers compensation settlement
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