The 'On-The-Job' Injury Attorney

Dedicated Workers’ Compensation Advocacy For Repair Shop Workers

Working in a repair shop – whether it’s an oil change garage, a dealership service department or a local mechanic’s shop – can expose you to various safety hazards. If you’ve suffered injuries on the job in Tennessee or Florida, the lawyer at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is ready to help. As an attorney who’s 100% focused on serving injured workers, Kevin A. Moore can guide you through every step involved in seeking the benefits you need after a repair shop accident.

Here For You When Injuries Occur

Kevin helps repair shop workers pursue workers’ compensation for injuries caused by workplace dangers such as:

  • Slips on slick surfaces due to substances like oil or grease
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Burns from explosions or hot surfaces
  • Injuries from falling objects or heavy machinery

When you choose Kevin, you will get experienced guidance, dedicated advocacy and personalized support. All this will come with no upfront costs and no risks; you will only pay him fees if he secures benefits for you.

Helping You Pursue The Full Treatment Benefits You Deserve

Repair shop accidents can lead to particularly severe injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries and amputations. Such injuries often require expensive and extensive treatment.

Are all such treatments covered by workers’ comp? It depends on the circumstances. In Tennessee and Florida, workers’ compensation typically covers all treatment deemed necessary by the treating physician to address a work-related injury. Kevin will be dedicated to helping you pursue the full medical benefits you deserve, along with any other benefits you may be entitled to, like lost wages.

Special Concerns For Employees Of Small Shops

If you work for a smaller repair shop, then you may face unique challenges in getting relief for workplace injuries. This is because, depending on the circumstances, your employer might not carry workers’ compensation insurance. For most industries, the requirement to carry such insurance doesn’t apply to employers of:

  • Four or fewer employees in Tennessee
  • Three or fewer employees in Florida

If your employer falls under this exception, then they have the choice of whether to offer workers’ compensation coverage to employees. Kevin can help you understand your rights and the options available to you based on what your employer has opted for on this front.

Does Fault Play A Role In Workers’ Comp?

Could being accused of being at fault for your injury cause your workers’ comp claim to be denied? Generally, no. Workers’ comp is typically a no-fault system, meaning that fault is usually irrelevant. However, insurers might deny claims for other reasons, arguing, for instance, that an injury isn’t work related. Kevin will be ready to assist you in responding to such denials and fighting for your rights.

Put A Trusted Lawyer In Your Corner

Reach out to Kevin today for the dependable, experienced support you deserve after a repair shop injury. You can contact him for a free consultation by sending an email or calling 844-538-6580.