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Florida Workplace Burn Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, getting injured while at work in Tampa or anywhere else in Florida can require medical care for your injuries and lost income. When you suffer an accident on the job that leaves you permanently disfigured or disabled, such as a high-degree burn, you may experience losses that may affect you and your family.

If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees, you can obtain lost wages and get the medical care you need. Support from a qualified Florida workplace burn injury lawyer is key to making sure your claim is filed properly and that you receive the maximum amount of benefits available. Get in touch with dedicated workplace accident attorney Kevin A. Moore to learn more about the process and what steps you should take next.

Common Types of Workplace Burns

For some professions, such as construction, welding, and industrial workers, burns are common workplace hazards. Burns can also occur in other on-the-job settings, such as medical offices and warehouses. The three types of workplace burn injuries include:

Thermal Burns

These burns are caused by a source of heat such as an open flame, a stove, industrial machinery, hot liquids, steam, and more.

Electrical Burns

As the name would suggest, electrical burns stem from contact with electricity, including live wires, electric currents, sparks, or arcs.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns occur from corrosive materials such as cleaning products and other solvents.

The severity of a burn can range from mild to life-threatening and is typically classified as first, second, or third-degree, with third-degree burns being the most severe. Diligent Tampa, Florida workplace injury attorney Kevin Moore can help employees who suffer burns while performing their job duties obtain proper medical treatment to improve their chances of making a full recovery and limiting the permanent impacts on their lives.

Recovering Through Workers’ Comp After a Workplace Burn Injury

Unless you work for a small company or as an independent contractor, if you get burned badly enough at work to require professional medical care, you should have access to workers’ compensation benefits through your employer. An employer who purchases workers’ comp coverage accepts automatic liability for certain losses stemming from any harm one of their employees suffers on the job, regardless of who is or is not at fault for the incident. In exchange, the employer gets immunity from direct civil liability for on-the-job accidents, even ones caused directly by their own negligence.

Benefits provided by a workers’ comp policy in Florida will include reimbursement for all reasonable medical expenses plus related expenses like mileage to and from doctors’ appointments, as well as lost wages.  However, insurance companies try to deny medical benefits and lost wages by arguing what is “reasonably necessary” medical treatment. Making sure you receive your lost wages and medical care is much easier with support from a skilled Tampa workplace burn injury attorney.

Contact a Florida Workplace Burn Injury Attorney Today

Work-related burn injuries often affect you physically, financially, and emotionally. Fortunately, you have help available from a knowledgeable legal professional with years of experience helping workers like you get the benefits they need.

If you are dealing with a burn you suffered while on the job in Tampa, you should prioritize speaking with a Florida workplace burn injury lawyer. Call the Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore today for a consultation where you will speak directly with Attorney Moore. At our firm, you will be treated like a priority, not a number.

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