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Florida Workplace Sprain And Strain Injury Lawyer

Like most people, during your lifetime, you have probably strained or sprained an ankle or other muscle while performing a physical activity. It may have taken several days, but with rest and ice, you were back on your feet. But what if a workplace accident caused you harm? How will you make ends meet if you have to be at home nursing your injuries?

Fortunately, Florida requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This system provides medical care, disability, and wage reimbursement depending on the extent of your injuries and other factors, including how long you will need to be off work.

While this coverage is helpful, successfully filing a claim to receive payments is often complicated and frustrating. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, attorney Moore can help you understand and protect your rights and advocate for your best interests every step of the way to ensure you get what you need and deserve.

The Difference Between Sprains And Strains

Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones and joints. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched or torn. If that same tear or stretch happens to a tendon, which links bones and muscles, or to a muscle, the injury is categorized as a strain. Sprains usually cause bruising and are commonly caused by falls or trauma, while strained muscles usually spasm after activities such as heavy lifting or repetitive motions like typing.

Sprain And Strain Injuries Lead To Temporary Disabilities

Florida Statutes § 440.09 requires injured workers to show proof of an occupational injury with confirmation by a physician. Workers suffering sprains and strains should report their injuries as soon as a physician concurs that they are work-related, but no longer than 30 days after making the connection, according to Fl. Stat. Sec. 440.185. Sprains and strain injuries could make the injured worker eligible to collect temporary total disability or temporary partial disability benefits.

Temporary Total Disability

In Florida, temporary total disability means the worker cannot perform any of their job duties because of sustained injuries but is expected to heal with the employee back at work in time. Employees are paid 66.67 percent of their average wages earned prior to the accident for a shorter period of up to 104 weeks or until a physician clears the employee to return to work.

Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary partial disability is paid when workers are reassigned to light duty and can perform some tasks but not all that are associated with their jobs. If they cannot earn at least 80 percent of their pre-injury salary, they may qualify for partial benefits to make up the difference.

Tampa attorney Kevin Moore can help employees who sustain workplace sprain and strain injuries determine what benefits they may be eligible for and take all necessary steps to achieve a favorable outcome.

How Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Assist Injured Workers

Florida’s workers’ compensation system is welcome protection but can be a maze of paperwork. Making even one small mistake can result in the claims examiner denying the application. Experienced attorney Kevin Moore advocates for injured workers from the beginning of the process until the benefit checks are in their hands. Some of the things our team can assist with include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring proper workplace notifications are given
  • Participating in any workers’ compensation hearings
  • Ensuring the employee receives the maximum benefits available
  • Fully documenting the circumstances surrounding the sprain or strain injury
  • Ensuring the injured worker receives proper medical attention and care
  • Working with the insurance company administrator to answer questions, supply any additional information, and explain any ambiguities

Tampa, Florida, workplace sprain and strain injury attorney Kevin A. Moore takes the stress of dealing with insurance companies and the workers’ compensation system off injured employees.

Let A Florida Workplace Sprain And Strain Injury Attorney Guide You

The human body is fallible, and sometimes accidents and injuries occur on the job. Sprains and strains are especially common, cutting across all professions from construction work to office duties.

Florida requires almost all employers to provide benefits to workers who are injured or become ill from a job-related source. If you are unable to perform your job at all or can only work part-time or take light duty, you may be eligible for wage replacement and medical care under workers’ compensation. Contact Florida sprain and strain injury lawyer Kevin Moore to learn more about your options and to begin pursuing your benefits. When you work with The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, you will meet with attorney Moore from the beginning and receive individualized and dedicated guidance through every step and process.