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Florida Workplace Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Accidents at work are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in many professions. While some of these events are minor, others can lead to lasting consequences, including paralysis. Paralyzing injuries can dramatically affect your quality of life as well as your options for earning a living. Thankfully, a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney might be able to help offset some of the challenges.

When an injury at work leaves you paralyzed, you could have a viable claim with the state workers’ compensation system. These benefits could replace a portion of your wages and pay for your medical needs now and in the future. Let a Florida workplace paralysis injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore advise you on your options.

How Paralysis Injuries Happen On The Job

Many factors could result in sustaining a paralysis injury at the workplace. Typically, this form of harm involves accidents that result in catastrophic injuries to a person’s neck, back, or head, ultimately damaging the spinal cord. Paralysis can also occur due to crush injuries that restrict oxygen and blood flow to a specific body part. A Florida workplace paralysis injury attorney, Kevin Moore, can help injured employees pursue workers’ comp claims after a number of different scenarios, including:


One of the most common causes of paralysis at the workplace involves falling. This could include falling on flat ground, from dangerous heights, or down a flight of stairs. These accidents occur for various reasons, like faulty scaffolding, leaking liquid, or poor lighting. Any time a person falls and lands on their head or neck, damage to the spinal cord is a possibility.

Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in the workplace. This is especially true for professions like construction or delivery work. These injuries might also occur when a worker falls from or is injured by a forklift.

Machinery Malfunctions

Malfunctioning machinery or improperly used equipment can also potentially cause these devastating injuries.

Who Qualifies For Workers’ Compensation?

While workers’ compensation benefits are available for the vast majority of workers who are injured on the job, there are some eligibility requirements to be aware of. For example, an applicant must be an employee of a business located in the state. These benefits are not available for independent contractors or other non-employees. Additionally, that person must work for a company that is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Fortunately, the law requires most businesses to have this coverage, but some exceptions do apply.

Additionally, a claimant is only entitled to benefits if they suffered paralysis from a work-related injury. This usually involves some kind of harm that occurred while they were on the clock. There are a handful of exceptions where benefits might not be available, like when injuries result from intoxication or horseplay. Tampa workplace paralysis injury attorney Kevin Moore can provide more individualized guidance on whether an injured worker is eligible for workers’ comp benefits. He can also help gather the evidence and documentation needed to prove a paralyzing injury is caused directly by an on-the-job accident or daily work duties and ensure the injured employee receives the appropriate medical care.

Call A Workplace Paralysis Injury Attorney In Florida Today

Most people who are paralyzed at work begin their day expecting it to be like any other. These accidents can happen when you least expect them, and the consequences are often extreme.

Benefits through the state workers’ compensation system could be life-changing for you and your family. To give yourself the best chance at a successful claim, contact a Florida workplace paralysis injury lawyer today. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, Mr. Moore is dedicated to helping every person he can. He will listen to your situation and concerns and help you determine the best course of action.