The 'On-The-Job' Injury Attorney

Altamonte Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation has been Florida law since 1935, a safety net for employees injured on the job because it replaces some of your wages and pays your medical bills. Almost all employers must participate in this insurance system. Nothing is automatic, though, and you must follow specific steps to collect your benefits. It can be a confusing process, so choosing a qualified and dedicated attorney can be instrumental in correctly filing a claim within the time allowed. Talk to an Altamonte Springs workers’ compensation lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore to learn more.

What Happens After A Workplace Accident?

Workplace accidents and injuries range in severity from minor incidents that will not require prolonged time off to more serious forms of harm that could result in permanent disability. To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, your physician must approve your absence from work for at least seven days. The first step to take after an on-the-job injury is to notify your employer. In Florida, you have 30 days to do that, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can get the ball rolling to begin collecting benefits.

Your employer generally notifies the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Some employers are lax in this because they fear their premiums will rise. If your employer does not notify the insurer, you can do it yourself or ask Altamonte Springs workers’ compensation attorney Kevin Moore to help you.

Workers’ Comp Benefits

Benefits are available for injuries and illnesses that develop because of your job or are made worse because of it. If your application is approved, you will be eligible to receive all-inclusive medical care for job-related injuries or illnesses. This extends to prescription medications, lab tests, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and gas money to travel to and from appointments.

Temporary disability checks begin arriving about 21 days after you last worked. The amount is generally two-thirds of your current average weekly salary, which ceases once you return to work.

If you qualify for permanent disability status and cannot perform light duty if your employer offers it, your disability payments will continue until you are 75 years old if you have worked enough to collect Social Security, and for your lifetime if you are not eligible for Social Security.

In some cases, disabled employees are retrained for new jobs they can do if they can work but can no longer perform their old jobs. Additionally, family members are entitled to death benefits when their loved ones die because of a work-related injury or illness. It is important to note that the application and approval process is not always as simple as it may sound. Even one small mistake can result in lengthy delays or denials of your claim. Working with a trusted Altamonte Springs attorney like Kevin Moore ensures you understand what benefits you are eligible for, and reduces the risk of an unjust denial.

Let An Altamonte Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help

Workers’ compensation benefits do not automatically appear after you are injured or become ill with a work-related condition. You must apply for them, meet deadlines, and prove the link between the injury and your job. If you are under stress and in pain, the benefits process can seem daunting, but that is where Mr. Moore can help you do it right the first time.

An Altamonte Springs workers’ compensation lawyer is your liaison with the claims administrator, insurance company and medical provider’s office. The firm know the questions to ask and the information to submit. Allowing the firm to help you means you can spend time getting well without worrying about who needs what and when. Call the firm today at 844-538-6580 to begin working directly with attorney Moore.