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Orlando Workplace Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Job-related shoulder injuries are more common than most people think. In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 63,100 of them, with only hand and knee injuries outpacing shoulders. You risk injury if your job requires lifting heavy items, conducting your work above your head, or continuously repeating motions involving your shoulders.

Sometimes, all you need is a little rest to ease your shoulder pain, but often, it is not so simple. When your shoulder injury results in needing medical attention and time off from work, you may be concerned about how you will pay your medical bills and provide for your family while you recover. Fortunately, in many instances, your employer has insurance for that. Talk to an Orlando workplace shoulder injury lawyer to see if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Our trusted attorney, Kevin A. Moore, can work hard on your behalf to ensure you receive what you need after getting hurt on the job.

Common Workplace Shoulder Injuries

Strains and sprains are the most common shoulder injuries. Strains occur when you pull or tear a muscle or ligament, generally from repetitive use or holding your shoulder in one position too long, such as bracing and hauling heavy loads all day. Sprains damage your ligaments, which connect your bones. They occur for the same reasons strains do, but can also result from falls at work.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries involve a group of four tendons and muscles that rotate the ball in your shoulder within the socket. This vital function allows you to lift and move your arms in all directions. Rotator cuff injuries are most common for employees who work above their heads, like house painters, perform repetitive motions, like hairdressers, or carry heavy weights, like parcel delivery drivers.

When you experience pain in your shoulder area and attribute it to your job, consult an Orlando workplace shoulder injury attorney to discuss filing a workers’ compensation claim, which will pay for your medical care and could compensate you for 80 percent of the wages you lose when you miss work.

How The Workers’ Compensation Process Works In Florida

If your shoulder injury results from a workplace accident, such as a fall, you must report the injury to your supervisor within 30 days of the event, or your claim can be denied. You can visit your doctor in an emergency, but your employer or workers’ compensation insurance carrier may insist you see a doctor they authorize. If your shoulder injury manifests after weeks or months of repeating a job-related action, you should report your injury to your employer once you connect the actions with the pain. In general, other actions in the process include:

  • Your employer must report the injury to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier within seven days after you bring it to their attention
  • You will receive an information packet from the workers’ compensation carrier outlining your rights and containing a copy of the injury report
  • If the insurance carrier accepts your claim, you will typically receive your first benefit check within 21 days after your employer reports the injury to the insurance carrier

It is important to note that the amount of compensation you receive depends on your wages and whether your temporary disability is total or partial. Additionally, if your injury is still causing you problems after the 104 weeks permitted for temporary disability payments in Florida, a doctor will assign you an impairment rating that can lead to extended workers’ compensation benefits. The process can be complex, and an experienced Orlando workplace shoulder injury attorney like Kevin Moore should help you navigate it to maximize your benefits.

Speak With An Orlando Workplace Shoulder Injury Attorney

When you suffer an injury on the job, you will likely have many questions and concerns about what steps to take next. Workers’ compensation can help you get the medical care you need and provide you with lost wage reimbursement to help keep you afloat until you can return to work. However, the process can be complex. Your employer or the insurer may try to deny your benefits and claim your injuries were not job-related. Often, making even one small mistake in the process can result in delays and denials.

Attorney Kevin Moore has over 20 years of experience helping employees who are hurt because of their jobs get the care and compensation they need. Let The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore count you among the many clients that are considered family. Call an Orlando workplace shoulder injury lawyer today, and Kevin A. Moore will get to work for you.