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Orlando Workplace Neck Injury Lawyer

Almost no job gives you immunity from experiencing pain or guarantees you will not suffer injuries. Neck injuries, in particular, are especially common in a variety of fields and are often considered catastrophic. Your job might include operating heavy machinery, typing, or delivering packages. While doing your job, you may experience neck pain from hunching over a computer keyboard, being hit by another driver, or slipping and falling. Fortunately, Florida requires almost all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, a safety net for when you become injured or ill due to your work environment, daily tasks, or an accident on the job.

When you successfully file a workers’ compensation claim, your medical care and a portion of your wages will be paid. However, benefits are not automatic, and the process can be complex. For help maximizing and obtaining the benefits you need after a workplace injury, contact an Orlando workplace neck injury lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore.

Common Causes Of Job-Related Neck Injuries And Pain

Neck pain can plague employees who hold their heads at the same angle for hours, staring at a computer screen. Often, they can remedy this by adjusting the screen or performing gentle neck stretches. However, neck pain can also be a symptom of more serious causes that will not heal with rest and could lead to more serious damage if not treated promptly. Some common causes of job-related neck pain include:

  • Herniated discs in the neck area resulting from spine injuries caused by trauma such as delivery driver vehicle accidents and slip and falls
  • Degenerative disc disease resulting from spine injury can be caused by repetitive stress, such as lifting and carrying heavy loads
  • Arthritis caused by repetitive stress, such as constantly turning your head from left to right in assembly line jobs
  • Whiplash, a severe back-and-forth motion of the head caused by a jolt, often caused by rear-end motor vehicle accidents

General neck sprains can also occur in workplace accidents due to falls and from holding your head at an awkward angle for an extended period. While many neck injuries respond to periods of rest and medication, sometimes, workers suffer long-term consequences. For instance, spine damage can lead to paralysis in some instances. When you suffer harm while performing your job duties, call an Orlando workplace neck injury attorney to help you file a claim for benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Neck Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance pays employees for medical care and lost wages after a workplace accident or job-related illness, and disability if the employee cannot return to work at the job that caused the injury. Benefits end when a doctor clears you to return to work, but if your neck injuries are too severe to return, our team can help you switch to permanent disability status.

Because neck injuries can arise from various sources, Florida Statutes § 440.09 requires medical proof that your work was a major contributing factor to your injuries. In Florida, that means your work-related actions must be more than 50 percent responsible for your neck injury to qualify for workers’ comp. Orlando workplace attorney Kevin Moore is experienced in gathering the evidence needed to connect your neck injury to your on-the-job accident or work duties.

Let An Orlando Workplace Neck Injury Attorney Help You Seek Benefits

As a Florida employee, you can rest assured knowing your employer most likely has to carry workers’ compensation insurance that provides you with medical care and lost wage reimbursement when you are injured or become ill because of your job. An injury caused by a work accident or repetitive stress on your neck should qualify you for benefits.

Our Orlando workplace neck injury lawyer understands what the workers’ compensation claims administrators need to see. Call today to speak with attorney Moore for a free consultation regarding your options for worker’s compensation. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, you will work directly with Kevin from the start of your claim and throughout the entire process to ensure you get the dedicated service you need and deserve.