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A Voice For Injured Child Care Workers

Child care providers work hard to nurture and educate children. Unfortunately, this critical work does not come without its safety risks. If you’re a child care worker who has been injured on the job, protect your rights by putting a dedicated lawyer in your corner.

The attorney at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is ready to help you. From his offices in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Nashville, Kevin A. Moore provides experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation representation to child care workers throughout Florida and Tennessee. Turn to him for the support and guidance you need when pursuing the benefits you deserve.

Common Workplace Accidents In Child Care

The dynamic and unpredictable nature of child care can lead to a variety of workplace accidents, such as:

  • Trips over toys or equipment
  • Slips on spilled liquids
  • Cuts from craft materials
  • Lifting injuries from children or supplies
  • Playground mishaps
  • Bites or scratches from children
  • Kitchen-related accidents
  • Vehicle accidents during child transport

Child care employees injured in such incidents typically qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Kevin can explain your rights and guide you through the process of seeking such relief.

When Progressive Injuries Occur

Not all injuries in child care are the result of sudden accidents. Some are progressive, such as repetitive stress injuries from frequent bending or lifting. While such injuries are generally eligible for workers’ comp, they can present some challenges when you are pursuing benefits. This includes difficulties in proving that they are work related. Kevin understands what types of evidence can help bolster workers’ compensation claims for such injuries.

When Child Care Providers Get Sick

Child care providers face potential exposure to various illnesses from their interactions with children. In Tennessee and Florida, workers’ compensation is available for work-related illnesses as well as injuries. However, proving a disease was contracted at work rather than elsewhere can be tricky. Kevin can help child care workers who have become seriously ill after workplace exposure explore their legal options.

What If You Can’t Work?

Some injuries or illnesses due to child care work may require you to take significant time away from work. In such circumstances, lost wage benefits may be available to cover a portion of your missed earnings. Kevin is here to help with all aspects of pursuing such benefits. He cares deeply about protecting your financial stability when you need it most.

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