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Standing Up For The Rights Of Injured Gig Workers

The gig economy is revolutionizing the way many people work. However, this new work structure comes with new challenges for workers. When gig workers suffer injuries on the job, they can find themselves facing particularly complex situations.

The attorney at The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore is committed to helping injured gig workers in Tennessee and Florida find the right path forward. Lawyer Kevin A. Moore understands the difficulties that these workers face when work accidents strike. Whether you’re in Tennessee or Florida, Kevin is here to put his knowledge, experience and commitment toward guiding you through the uncertain waters of pursuing injury compensation related to gig work.

Understanding Injury Risks for Gig Workers

Gig work comes in many different shapes and sizes. No type of such work, however, is without its dangers. Below are some of the risks connected to common gig economy jobs:

  • Rideshare driving: Risks of traffic accidents and passenger-related violence
  • Food delivery: The potential for road accidents, altercations and food/beverage-related burns
  • Pet services: Dangers of animal bites and trip-and-fall incidents
  • Handyman services: Risks of falls, electrical shocks and equipment mishaps
  • Freelance creative services: Repetitive stress injury risks

Kevin stands ready to guide and advocate for you – whatever your gig is, whatever your injury is.

Can Gig Workers Pursue Workers’ Comp?

Traditional employees often have a relatively clear path to workers’ comp benefits, Things are more complicated for gig workers. In both Tennessee and Florida, employees typically are covered by workers’ compensation laws, while independent contractors generally are not. Many gig economy companies classify gig workers as independent contractors, potentially barring them from pursuing workers’ compensation claims.

Are You Really An Independent Contractor?

Companies can’t classify workers as independent contractors just because they want to. Rather, classification is supposed to be based on the particular nature of the work relationship. Factors like control, flexibility and independence can play roles in how a worker is classified. Kevin can evaluate your work circumstances to determine whether you would have grounds for arguing that you’ve been misclassified as an independent contractor and should be entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

Compensation Alternatives For Injured Gig Workers

When workers’ comp isn’t an option, other avenues for seeking relief for work injuries may be available to gig workers, including:

  • Special insurance coverage: Some gig companies offer their own injury insurance options to gig workers.
  • Personal injury claims: Even if you aren’t covered by workers’ compensation, you generally can still sue a gig company for your injury. However, in such a claim, you have to prove that the company was at fault for your injury.

Kevin can advise you on pursuing these types of alternatives.

The Evolving Legal Landscape Of Gig Work

The gig economy is still new, so the rules around it are evolving. Changes in state laws or company policies could significantly affect your rights as a gig worker in relation to work injuries. Kevin stays up to date on the latest legal developments, so he will be able to provide you with clear, accurate guidance.

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