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Florida UPS Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The United Parcel Service – or UPS – has a significant presence in Florida. There are hundreds of UPS stores across the state, and drivers are constantly delivering packages and goods. Due to the size of the workforce, it should come as no surprise that injuries are a common occurrence.

If you were hurt while working in one of these stores, driving a delivery truck or otherwise working for the UPS shipping company, you may have a viable claim for benefits. Dedicated workers’ compensation attorney Kevin A. Moore can help you evaluate your options. Instead of filing a claim on your own, it could benefit you to seek out counsel from a Florida UPS workers’ compensation lawyer.

What To Do After A Workplace Accident At UPS

When an employee of UPS sustains an injury or develops an illness during a work-related event, they have the opportunity to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Despite the enormous size of the company, the law does not allow it to opt out or otherwise avoid the responsibility of carrying this insurance.

In order to pursue a claim, a worker must notify their supervisor of their injury within 30 days. Typically, it is best to inform them as soon as possible after an incident. While it is true that they might be aware of the injury before a worker contacts them, it is best to provide this notice in writing as soon as possible.

From there, UPS has seven days to turn over the claim to the insurance company. The insurer then has a handful of days to notify the worker of their rights. Throughout this process, a Tampa, Florida, UPS workers’ compensation attorney can provide invaluable guidance.

Possible UPS Workers’ Comp Benefits

Injured UPS workers are entitled to medical care and, in some instances, partial wage reimbursement when their harm occurs as a result of their job duties.

Medical Costs

One of the major benefits of a successful workers’ compensation claim is that it covers medical expenses related to workplace injuries. Instead of having to pay upfront and be reimbursed, insurance companies cover these bills directly. One downside is that the injured party must pick their physician from a list approved by the insurer.

In addition to the actual cost of medical treatment, a worker may also be compensated for any transportation costs related to their care. This is to ensure that expenses related to getting to and from the doctor do not prevent an individual from securing the treatment they need.

Disability Payments

These benefits exist to help a worker replace the wages they lost due to their injury. Different factors impact the size of the award, including whether an employee is totally disabled or only partially limited in their ability to earn a living.

It is also important to determine if a condition is temporary or permanent. While there is a limit on the number of weeks a person can recover short-term benefits, that is not the case when injuries are considered indefinite.

Tampa workers’ compensation attorney Kevin A. Moore can help an injured UPS employee determine what benefits they are entitled to and see them through the process of filing for these benefits to limit the chance of an unnecessary delay or denial.

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Working for this shipping giant might have provided you with the resources you need to support your family and yourself, but living with a serious injury can greatly complicate those efforts. The good news is that you may be entitled to benefits through the state workers’ comp system. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, attorney Moore knows how the system works and can help you protect your rights and get what you need to recover. Reach out to a UPS workers’ compensation lawyer today by calling Kevin at 844-538-6580 or contacting him online to learn more.