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Florida Workplace Cuts And Lacerations Lawyer

Lacerations are cuts or tears of the skin caused by a sharp object, such as exposed metal edges or broken glass. These injuries commonly occur in the workplace, and can result from slips and falls, low overhangs, tools used on the job, exposed sharp surfaces, and many other causes. Laceration wounds have a wide range of severity from surface level to deep and can even be fatal.

When you experience this type of injury as the result of a workplace accident in Tampa or anywhere else in the state, please contact a Florida workplace cuts and lacerations lawyer from The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore to learn about your options for workers’ compensation benefits.

What Workers’ Compensation Does For Cuts And Lacerations

About 70 percent of cuts and lacerations in the workplace injure workers’ hands and fingers. While a small cut will heal in a few days, deeper ones can keep workers from using their hands for weeks or months and, in some cases, permanently disable them.

Workers’ compensation benefits include payments for medical treatment and a portion of wages you lose when you cannot work. In some instances, you can receive temporary total disability for up to 104 weeks or until your doctor clears you to return to your job. If you can perform light duties or can work part-time, you can collect temporary partial disability if your temporary new wages are less than 80 percent of your old ones.

If your cut or laceration is deep and you have severed internal parts that prevent you from doing your job in the future, or if your wound becomes infected and you must have a limb amputated, you probably qualify for permanent disability. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, attorney Moore will walk you through the process and explain what benefits you can expect.

Other Workplace Open-Wound Injuries

Other types of open wounds, similar to lacerations, are often found in worker’s compensation injury cases. These include puncture wounds and abrasions. A puncture wound is usually caused by a pointed object, such as an exposed nail. These types of wounds usually do not bleed excessively and can appear to close up quickly. An abrasion is a wound caused by superficial damage to the skin, no deeper than the epidermis (the top layer of the skin), usually caused by a rubbing of the skin on a rough surface. These types of wounds are prone to infection and should be treated immediately.

Your Workers’ compensation referred physician should refer you to a surgeon in cases of deep wounds or puncture wounds of unknown depth, severe crush injuries and severely contaminated wounds.

Infection is the most significant medical concern in the first few weeks following a laceration or other “open” injury. Signs of infection include severe pain, fevers and chills, pus, redness beyond the wound edges, or excessive swelling. If you think you have an infection, you should seek prompt medical care. Once you have been properly treated, skilled Tampa, Florida, attorney Kevin Moore can help you seek workers’ comp benefits for your cut or laceration.

Your Attorney’s Role In Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits

While cuts and lacerations are among the most common job-related injuries, many employers and insurance companies tend to downplay how serious they can be. Do not let your boss decide if you are eligible for benefits. You are entitled to them.

After notifying your company within 30 days of the accident, your boss is supposed to forward the claim to the insurer. If the claim is not submitted, an attorney can step in and ensure it gets filed in time and the documentation is complete. An attorney can also ensure you receive the proper medical treatment and work with your doctor, who is integral to certifying your injuries. When you have a trusted Tampa cuts and lacerations attorney who stays on top of the complicated process, problems can be handled swiftly to avoid a denial of benefits.

Let A Florida Workplace Cuts And Lacerations Attorney Be Your Advocate

Do not let your boss downplay your injury when you cut yourself at work. Deep cuts and lacerations can lead to serious infection and loss of certain functions, such as the ability to grasp objects or walk without assistance.

Your employer must cover your medical expenses for workplace injuries and illnesses. You are also entitled to a portion of your wages to compensate for your financial loss. When you believe you qualify for this help, contact a Florida workplace cuts and lacerations lawyer, Kevin A. Moore,
so he can advocate for you. At The Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore, you will receive dedicated legal guidance directly from Mr. Moore himself. He will never treat you like a number and will do his best to ensure you feel confident throughout the process.