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Riverview Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you work in Florida, you should be aware that your employer, with very few exceptions, must pay your medical care and a portion of your wages if you are injured on the job or develop a work-related health condition. Most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide your benefits, and some large employers self-insure.

This safety net does not allocate blame like a personal injury lawsuit does, so you are relieved of proving your employer was negligent and your employer must pay benefits even if you contributed to your own accident. If you are injured at work or have questions about an illness you believe is caused by your job, a Riverview workers’ compensation lawyer from the Law Firm of Kevin A. Moore has answers.

Steps To Take After a Workplace Injury

The Florida workers’ compensation system requires that injured employees follow specific protocols and deadlines to apply for and receive benefits. Our team dedicates themselves to helping injured workers apply for these benefits by submitting all pertinent information and documentation correctly and within prescribed deadlines. The process includes:

  • Notifying a manager or department head within 30 days after a workplace accident or at the time a physician diagnoses you with a work-related illness
  • Your employer is expected to notify the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, but if they do not, you can do it with help from your attorney
  • Locating the workers’ compensation poster displayed in your breakroom or other prominent location, which names your company’s insurer
  • Consulting with a workers’ compensation physician authorized by the insurer and your employer for certification of your injury or illness
  • Enlisting your attorney for help filing the necessary forms you receive from the Employee Assistance Office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation

Since 1935, the Florida workers’ compensation system has been a safety net for employees. However, filing a claim can be daunting, especially when you are ill or recuperating.  A workers’ compensation attorney in Riverview can step in and ensure that your claim is accurate and complete the first time.

Challenging Delays and Denials in Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workplace injuries that are sudden and witnessed by others, such as an explosion at a construction site that blinds an employee, are easily proven and benefits should be forthcoming quickly. You must submit an opinion from an authorized physician that your injuries were sustained at work. However, not all claims are straightforward.

When an illness builds over time or a pre-existing condition is exacerbated because of a job, employers and insurance claims adjusters may challenge a claim. Insurers challenge claims because they are more interested in profits, and employers challenge them because they do not want their premiums to rise.

Additionally, employers sometimes dispute a claim by relying on the few loopholes in the law that permit denial. Even a minor mistake such as missing a filing deadline by one day or forgetting to include a piece of documentation can result in lengthy delays and unjust denials. Riverview workers’ compensation attorney Kevin Moore can help you apply for benefits and avoid the pitfalls of an employer trying to challenge your rights.

Let a Riverview Workers’ Compensation Attorney Take the Stress Off of You

Accidents at work are common, and many health conditions develop because of work-related tasks or are made worse because of them. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can provide you with medical care and wage reimbursement to help you get back on your feet.

Like all government programs, there is a lot of red tape, several deadlines, and mandatory information that must be provided. Our team can coordinate several actions between your employer, the insurance company, and the workers’ compensation administrator to ensure the process runs smoothly. For help with a claim, you can rely on our Riverview workers’ compensation lawyers. Call the Law Office of Kevin A. Moore today to begin working directly with Attorney Moore.

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